Ion Master "Ekonomik 03 - 5KW"

Ekoterm2001 - Ionized circulating electro thermoblock

Ion Master "Ekonomik 03 - 5KW" is the latest generation of thermoblocks and it is used for heating in houses, appartments, halls and other facilities. Ekonomik 03 is the greatest scientific achievement in the field of thermical engineering in the world. Heating using Ekonomik 03 is two to three times more economic than any other heating system. With consumption varying from 0,5 to 5 kW, it heats the space of 175m3 or 80 m2. With its 5 kW it can replace 4 storage heaters of 5 kW, and electric and gas thermoblocks from 10 to 12 kW. It is very functional because of its exceptionally small dimensions (it replaces massive thermoblocks). Its safety is on a very high level, since in case the thermoblock is out of water it automatically stops operating. Ekonomik 03 does not require almost any maintainance because it is designed in such a way that there is no possibility of breakdown (heater burning out).

Additional info

Required voltage: (V)230/(V)110
Electric current intensity: variable
Frequency: (Hz) 50
Electric current intensity: (A) 2.5 - 25
Power: (kW) 0.5 - 5
Specific water resistance: 1300 Ω cm
Operating pressure: 0.2 mpa (2 bar)
Max. temp at the output: (°C) 90
Max. temp in the system: (°C) 70
Weight: (kg) 67.00
Width: (mm) 900
Height: (mm) 600
Depth: (mm) 300
Protection level: iP-X-1

Heater - "Ekonomik 03 - 5KW"

Heater is the essential spare part of the "Ekonomik 03 - 5KW" thermoblock and can be purchased independently!

Heater Ekonomik 03 5KW

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