Ion Master "Vulkan 9F - 30 KW"

Ekoterm2001 - Ionized circulating electro thermoblock

Ion Master "Vulkan 9F - 30 KW" is the latest scientific achievement in the field of thermical engineering in the world. It was created in the development center of Ekoterm 2001 after years of testing and observation of monophase and three-phase thermoblocks. Unlike other thermoblocks, Vulkan 9F has 9 fields which work in mutual interphase (each field connected with all others) which practically means that nine-phase operating system with maximum utilization of electrical power is made this way.

Vulkan 9F with 30kW of power can heat the space of 1400m3 i.e. 450m2.

Additional info

Required voltage: (V)2N~400/3N~400/(V)110
Electric current intensity: variable
Frequency: (Hz) 50
Electric current intensity: (A) 10-150
Power: (kW) 2-30
Specific water resistance: 1300 Ω cm
Operating pressure: 0.2 mpa (2 bar)
Max. temp at the output: (°C) 90
Max. temp in the system: (°C) 70
Weight: (kg) 85.00
Width: (mm) 950
Height: (mm) 650
Depth: (mm) 300
Protection level: iP-X-1
Ion Master Vulkan 9F - 30 KW

Heater - "Vulkan 9F - 30KW"

Heater is the essential spare part of the "Vulkan 9F - 30KW" thermoblock and can be purchased independently!

Heater - Vulkan 9F - 30KW

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