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Filling the system: Frizantin-Eko/FE-1 /-40C⁰

Filling the system: Frizantin-Eko/FE-1 /-40C

Liquid for filling only the latest generation of thermal systems: "Ion Master" and "Comfort Ion Master" (systems with heat exchangers - the primary systems).

The concentration of the liquid works depending on the type of boiler located in the thermo block system (a specific concentration for each type of boiler). The customer order must specify the exact type of boiler that requires liquid FE-1.

Dozers for electrolyte adjustment - D1

Dozers for electrolyte adjustment - D1

Another revolutionary innovation from production „Ekoterm2001“ - Serbia!

No more complicating and long-term adjusting electrolytes in the systems with ion boilers.

Advantages of dozer for electrolyte adjustment:

  • Easy handling and adjusting electrolyte
  • Time needed for electrolyte adjustment max. - 5 minutes
  • Adjusting electrolyte using dozer vent
  • Very precise adjustment (0,1 – 0,2 A)
  • Very short retention of heating installer

Special dozer systems for ion – electrode boilers, created in development of company “Ekoterm2001” – Serbia, which are unique worldwide. Very simple variant for cheapest electrolyte adjustment in the system without any effort and previous very complicated adjustments. You can also adjust the system by simply following technical manual. You don’t need expensive workers for central heating.

Dozer systems are used in thermo blocks of new generation.

Special liquid for electrolyte adjustment FE - 2

Special liquid for electrolyte adjustment FE - 2

Around 20 milliliters is enough for one system dosing. FE-2 has all features of Frizantin-Eko/FE-1 and it’s completely environmentally safe. Liquid for electrolyte dosing FE-2 is for adjusting, precisely from 0,1 to 0,2 A.

Electrolyte FE-2 can be bought exclusively in sale “Ekoterm“. That is the only safe way for you to get original fluid for system setup.

Mechanical impurities filter

Mechanical impurities filter

It is necessary in ionizing system for retaining particulate impurities that prevent proper operation of the boiler. During the heating season clean the filter if necessary.

Special heating exchangers for ionize systems

Special heating exchangers for ionize systems

Heating exchanger advantages:

  • No impurities in central heating system
  • No corrosion in the system
  • No system blockage
  • Small amount of water in the system (3-5 liters)

Special heating exchangers for ionize boilers unique worldwide!

Special heating exchangers are primarily made for heat-energy transfer from primarily to secondary system of ion heating, where high system purity is required. Heating exchangers are constructed from special kind of material which can’t soil heating system. That solution was searched for last 10 years. Company „Ekoterm2001“ had innovated and placed worldwide more kinds of heating exchangers, in dependence of power which are without any competition in world of thermodynamic and thermal engineering. As classic exchangers can’t work in ion systems, because electrodes are soiled, corrosion appears, high electric energy waste and blockage of the system; company „Ekoterm2001” created this unique solution. Traditional heating exchangers which can be found in market, are produced by completely different standards from ion heating exchangers and can’t be used adequately in ionize heating. Because of its special material structure, which is adapted to heating, it is not recommended to use it in food industry and cooling systems. Those can be used in all heating systems, ion system and standard system.

System cleaning liquid „Afifer“ A-1

System cleaning liquid Afifer A-1

"Afifer" A-1 is a biodegradable interior cleaner of the heating system that removes all impurities and other undesirable elements within the system. It removes the milder forms of corrosion, scale, grease, etc.

"Afifer" A-1 is completely organic liquid and is fully adapted to cleaning ionizing system. It can be used for flushing other heating systems. "Afifer" A-1 is diluted with water in the ratio of 2-3%. If the systems are very dirty (corrosion, scale, etc.) it can be metered with a stronger concentration bio cleaner "Afifer" A-1 (up to 5%), and the procedure can be repeated several times depending on how dirty the system is, because it has no harmful effects on heating systems. Rinse with "Afifer" A-1 takes about 1 hour. During this time, the circulation pump must be at maximum speed. While you are washing the system, do not turn on boiler at any circumstances (it is recommended that the circulating pump is turned on). After an hour of washing with “Afifer” A-1, you must wash the system with clean water. If necessary, repeat the procedure until the system does not pour out completely clean water. Then you can start filling the system.

"Afifer" A-1 can be purchased only in "Ekoterm" sales. This is the only sure way to get to the original washing system liquid. Other washing liquids are not suitable for the elution of ionizing system. For any further information, read the technical manual for the installation of thermo block system in section cleaning and rinsing system.

"Afifer" A-1 is supplied in packs of 1 liter.

Filter pad

Filter pad

The filter pad is used for fine purification of the fluid in the system from mechanical impurities. Wash the filter pad during operation of the system as needed, or replace it with a new one, if it is too dirty and cannot be properly washed. Washing the filter pad is done by simply rinsing under warm running water.

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