Heater "Vulkan 2F - 7 kW"

Ekoterm2001 - Electrode flow boiler

Vulkan 2F is a heater/boiler which uses 2 phases of home installation. It is used in places with limiters of electric power expenditure, for example up to 16 A, where heating using electrical power is not possible. This boiler/heater can solve such a situation by using two phases for the heater and the third for other home appliances.

Additional info

Required voltage: 2N~400/3N~400 V
Electric current: variable
Frequency: 50 Hz
Electric current: 2,5 - 32 A
Power: 0,5 - 7 kW
Operating pressure: 0,2 MPa (2 bar)
Max. temp in the system: 70 째C
Weight: 2,95 kg
Width: 380 mm/td>
Depth: 120 mm
Protection level: iP-X-1
Heater Vulkan 2F

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