Monthly heater consumption
Mini boiler rooms

Advantages of mini boiler rooms (MBR) compared to heat pumps (HP):

  • The boiler in the MBR does not have heaters or movable elements, and thus there is no possibility of failure. On the other hand, with the compressor (refers to both types of HP) there is a possibility of failure;
  • HP produces noise during operation, similar to air conditioners. MBR is completely silent while working;
  • HP must operate non-stop during the winter period, which leads to increased costs and continuous noise. MBR can be switched on or off as needed, or by the user wishes.
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Important note!

You can order our products via order-form on our website and it is the best way to avoid a lot of copies, which are very common worldwide. We are currently looking for partners in selling and/or distribution worldwide, send us e-mail to check if we already have one in your country.

Main advantages of ion thermoblocks

  • Great energy savings up to 50%;
  • No heater burnout;
  • No malfunctions;
  • Small thermoblock dimensions;
  • Soundless while running;
  • Ecological, clean and safe.
CE Certificate
Green TechEkoterm2001 technologies and products are subject to the principles of "Green technology" which is based on the concept of environmentally sustainable production, energy saving and the methods to avoid or mitigate pollution and the generation of waste.

First and only original thermoblocks.

Winners of greatest world awards in thermal-technics area.

About us
Ekoterm 2001

Company “Ekoterm 2001” is primarily producing innovative solutions from thermal-technics area, which are considered revolutionary and are accepted worldwide. Company was founded in 1999, in Kragujevac. The main activity of the company is the production and sale of electro-ionizing flow boilers for central heating and other electro-heating bodies.

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Professional heating equipment


Kotlovi sa ruskih podmornica

Cabinet with automatics

Cabinet with automatics

Mini boiler rooms

Mini kotlarnice

ION master

Ion master

Comfort ION master

Ion master

Ecological chemicals and equipment

Ecological Chemicals and Equipment


Products are subject to warranty only if an adequate fluid is inserted into the system. We recommend you: FE-1 / Fe-2. In any other case, the warranty is not considered valid.

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International award

Heating for the 21st century
EKOTERM company won the world's most recognized prize for its products - a Gold Star for quality and innovations.


"European Award ceremony"

The company Ekoterm 2001, 12 December 2011 received the prestigious "European Award Ceremony" - "Oxford Summit of Leaders" (Oxford, United Kingdom).

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