ION Master

Latest generation of ionized thermoblocks

The latest generation of unique ionizing thermoblock heating systems, developed primarily for the European Union and Europe market.

ION Master

The latest thermocouple systems are characterized by revolutionary unique solutions

  1. Liquid to clean the system "Afifer A1";
  2. Filling the system: Propylene glycol/FE-1 /-40C⁰;
  3. Special dozers for electrolytes preparation;
  4. Magnetic filters;
  5. Heat exchangers for ionizing systems.

Order latest thermoblock systems

  • Orders directly and only in production of "Ekoterm2001" company – Serbia;
  • Quantities are limited;
  • Production of thermoblocks by order;
  • Special agreements apply for larger quantities.

Make sure of the quality and comfort of our systems. Write us at:

Ekonomik 03 - 5 kW

Ekonomik 03 - 5 kW - Ion master

Vulkan 3F - 15 kW

Vulkan 3F - 15 kW

Vulkan 2F - 7 kW

Vulkan 2F - 7 kW

Vulkan 9F - 21 kW

Vulkan 9F - 21 kW - Ion master

Vulkan 9F - 30 kW

Vulkan 3F - 30KW

Important note!

You can order our products via order-form on our website and it is the best way to avoid a lot of copies, which are very common worldwide. We are currently looking for partners in selling and/or distribution worldwide, send us e-mail to check if we already have one in your country.

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