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Company “Ekoterm 2001” is primarily producing innovative solutions from thermal-technics area, which are considered revolutionary and are accepted worldwide. Company was founded in 1999, in Kragujevac. The main activity of the company is the production and sale of electro-ionizing flow boilers for central heating and other electro-heating bodies.

At the beginning, from the imported components, single-phase boilers from the so-called Russian submarines were made. After some time of researching and experimenting, series of completely new boilers in our own development center was developed, one of them is the "Vulkan 3F", which represents is the biggest scientific achievement in the field of heating technology, because it is the most economical and has greatest efficiency in electricity utilization.

About us

Some of our Awards

In the year of 2005, in Paris, EKOTERM 2001 was awarded B.I.D.'s Gold Star for “Vulkan 3F” thermoblock, and in 2006 in New York they were honoured with B.I.D.’s Platinum Star.

International B.I.D Award – “Gold Star”

International B.I.D Award – “Gold Star”

Paris, 24.01.2005. for thermoblock “Vulkan 3F”

The award refers to the following:

  • Technical design;
  • Management;
  • Quality;
  • Organization;
  • Innovation;
  • Research.

International B.I.D Award – “Platinum Star”

International B.I.D Award – “Gold Star”

New York, 14.05.2006. for thermoblock “Vulkan 3F”

The award refers to the following:

  • Quality;
  • Meet the QC100 Quality level;
  • Encourage participation and teamwork for decision making;
  • Satisfy the needs of our clients and meet their expectations;
  • Providing resources for the preservation of the environment;
  • Human resource management;
  • Pointing to employees the importance of concentrating on the most profitable areas of business.

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We sell our products through great network of distributors worlwide. Our thermoblocks are distributed in more than twenty countries worldwide.

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